about me

Hi, I’m Des, a photographer with a life long passion for pictures and a love of capturing people in a meaningful creative way. I love the unpredictability and excitement every wedding brings and the compelling stories behind them.

It’s the little things that come from the heart that matter the most to me. My pictures reflect what I feel is important in life, family, friendship, happiness, relationships, joy, adventure and most importantly love. These profound moments in your life are my motivation to tell an honest and lasting story of your wedding day.


Weddings shouldn’t be about awkward unrealistic posing for hours. For me it’s about sharing a wonderful experience with the special people in your life. I prefer to let things unfold naturally and capture the genuine moments as they happen from a creative perspective.

Thanks for taking the time to explore how I might be part of your wedding. If you’re willing to spend a little more time I would love to hear your plans.