Before every wedding I get really nervous, I mean really really nervous. It has never left me even after all this time, if anything it has got worse. I think it’s the fear of not knowing what awaits me, on this occasion my nervous apprehension was unwarranted. Within a minute of arriving at Suzanne’s house I knew it was going to be a special day. It’s amazing how as wedding photographers we can pick up in an instant a sense of the way a wedding day is going to unfold.

The first thing that struck me as I walked around Suzanne’s home was all the beautiful photographs and the importance of family, everywhere I looked there was a reminder of a loved one and a sense of this families history. Photographs are important to them or should I say the people in them. If I needed any motivation or inspiration I could just look around me, my images will hopefully be joining them, I needed to tell this story the best way I could.

From start to finish it was a real privilege to be at this wedding, it had a relaxed family wedding feel shared with close friends. Everything was personal to them, Ardtara Country House had belonged to Suzanne’s Aunt and it felt like a wedding in a family home, even the wedding car driver was a friend of the family. We decided to stop off at the last minute for photographs at a location not normally used by wedding photographers for something a little bit different than the usual and I am so glad we did, it was so much better than the ‘wedding gardens’ we had originally thought about going to, it suited them and their wedding. I also got the best cup of coffee I have had in a long time.

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This post has been a long time coming, I photographed this amazing wedding last August and am only getting to add it to my Journal now. Yes, I’m that far behind with my Journal entries, to be completely honest I had fallen out of love with blogging, preferring to spend time on other things that don’t involve spending endless hours in front of a computer, but Hey Ho here I am. My main motivation for posting this wedding is the fantastic memories I have and all the amazing people who I met that day, it’s very rare that I personally experience such emotion on a wedding day, there were heartfelt tears and tears of laughter. People were laughing and crying at the same time if that’s possible, including me.

Matt is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, someone who wears his emotions on his forehead with a larger than life personality and always with a big smile on his face that is instantly contagious. A tricky guy to photography though, he never stays still for too long ) A legendary Bristolian with a love for Nicola and Ibiza, off course that’s where they met.

I promised this post to Nicola ages ago and it’s been in that ‘to do’ list in my head ever since, I also wanted to share it with all you good people. I purposely have not added lots of images of the little details like the flowers, jewellery, shoes, table decorations, place names, invitations, sparkly dance floors etc, etc, etc, I took them but this wedding was not about details, too many weddings these days have an emphasis on the ‘style’ and miss the point that it is actually about people and a shared experience. This wedding was about real people having an amazing time together celebrating together, it was memorable in every way.

Enjoy guys, this one’s for you Nicola. Hope all’s well.

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This is going to be a pretty big entry in the Journal. I shot this wedding In Montalto Estate during the summer or sometimes know as the rainy season here in Northern Ireland, it’s rare to get a wedding were everything clicks, pardon the pun but this was just one of those days. Stephen and Claire were just the best couple to work with, they give me time and more importantly they give me the freedom to do what I needed and wanted. When you get this it becomes very special.

Montalto Estate and the Carriage Rooms are by far one of the best wedding venues in Northern Ireland, the staff are so welcoming and couldn’t do enough for me, I even had breakfast. Another revelation was working along side the very creative cinematographer’s at Show and Tell. Reuben and Adam are great, they worked with me on the day and I think our creativity rubbed of on each other.


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I am in the middle of editing this little gem and thought I would share a couple with you, it was at a marvelous wedding in Montalto Estate, Ballynahinch followed by the wedding reception at The Carriage Rooms which is also situated in the estate grounds. Every time I do a wedding in Montalto Estate I can’t help thinking that I have not done it justice, it’s such an amazing place.

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I shot this wedding at The Merchant Hotel what feels like ages ago but am only getting around to sharing a few frames of it with you now. Chris and Erin were a amazing couple to work with, they were up for trying anything, even with an audience. Here is a fact about them, their wedding was in The Merchant Hotel in Belfast. At the entrance of the hotel there is a display case of porcelain eggs, they were the archaeologists that uncovered them in the archaeological dig in the preparation of the foundations being laid for the hotel. It was an honour to be their Wedding Photographer.

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A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing this very relaxed pair at their Sunday wedding in the Culloden Hotel. September is my favorite month for shooting weddings, the light is rich and golden and believe it or not it is generally a dry month. I haven’t had much time in my crazy Summer schedule to update the Journal but over the coming months I intend to bring you all those amazing Summer weddings I’ve shot when those dark nights roll in. For now, here is one that epitomizes a September Wedding.

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It’s been a while since my last Journal entry, quite a summer to say the least. This summer more than any other I have had less time to spend on doing this type of thing, I seem to spend more of my days on admin and answering emails than doing photography, it’s probably a symptom of our time that we spend our lives looking at screens rather than face to face.

I have known Simon most of my life, he called me a week before the wedding to ask if I could come along for an hour or two to take a few pictures. Simon and Ann married in front of the most precious people in the world to them, just a few chosen people. It’s was great to be able to document that magical time for them and share in their experience.


It’s been a while since my last wedding at Queens University and I forgot how many amazing places there are to photograph, it can be overwhelming. I love the whole University and Museum area of Belfast and would often spend the odd Sunday there pottering with Janine, in the glass house and the tropical ravine It brings back a lot of fond memories when I was a student studying photography and when Janine was at Queens. It’s a place that makes me very sentimental.

Here are a few that I particularly like that caught my eye during the first edit.

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One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is that every day is different and I get the chance to meet a lot of people. I photographed Paul and Fionnuala’s wedding at the start of the month when the weather was amazing, from the moment I arrived at the house and when I saw the dress I knew it was going to be a good day with plenty of opportunities.


I met up with Simon and Caroline today to take some pictures and chat about their forthcoming wedding at Queens University. I don’t really do a lot of pre-wedding shoots, partly because I don’t advertise them and partly because I didn’t think I would enjoy doing them but I’m starting to change my opinion about them.

They are great practice for me as a wedding photographer and because there is no real time pressures involved there is no risk of facing the roth of a stressed wedding co-ordinater, also I can experiment without consequence and try new things that I can introduce into my wedding work.

It is also a great way for the client to get used to being in front of the camera and learn from their experience. Most people have never been photographed before and lack the understanding of how the process works. I always find the first few minutes of a shoot can be a bit tight and clumsey but as everyone settles in it becomes more and more relaxed with everything becoming smooth and free flowing and the directon becomes effortless. It’s no coincidence that all the clients I do pre-wedding shoots for always get great wedding photographs, they gain a confidence, you could say we hit the ground running on the wedding day, they know what to expect from me and I know what to expect from them.

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